Art with Ashley | Collage Pumpkins

Art with Ashley 

Collage Pumpkins


As me and my little one get into the swing of virtual school, I am adding art to our curriculum. I think having space and time to explore creativity is important for well rounded kids. Art also helps littles learn important skills in a fun way. 


  • Scissor etiquette
  • Color identification
  • Pattern making
  • Drawing/writing




  • Scrap/construction paper (you can even use magazines!)
  • Glue
  • Paper/Poster Board Cardboard
  • Scissors/cutter

Step 1.

Gather all your paper that you will use. We choose to use a variety of paper we had around the house. We chose to find orange and green, later we added brown  for the stem. Remember  your pumpkin can be any color you choose. 

Step 2.

Cut or rip paper into strips. 

Step 3. 

Glue strips to poster board. Take time to decide how you want each piece arranged.

Step 4. 

Turn the posterboard around and draw a pumpkin shape.

Step 5.

Cut pumpkin shape out. 

Step 6. 

Add leaves and step

Step 7. 

Enjoy your new pumpkin!!!



I hope you enjoyed this project! Please tag me in your collage pumpkin creations i would love to see what you created!



Always Ashley