Five things I learned at my first Art Vendor Event

Last weekend was my first art vendor event! I had the honor of being the face painter for Indie Green Fest. I’ve been pushing myself to just do things even if I feel like I’m not ready.  And with only a week to prepare I definitely didn't have the time to get ready in the way that I would have envisioned myself. But I took the leap after all experience is the best teacher right?


With that said, I want to share five I learned from my first art vendor/face painting event.

  1. The tent is a must!

    I wasn’t sure of what the set up was going to look like but I recommend being prepared for anything...especially the elements. I definitely recommend getting one that zips in case of rain. Even after getting a tent we still got wet from the rain.


  2. Best to bring quick easy sells

    I took a range of products for various price points. I brought original paintings, prints, and stickers. Stickers and prints sold the most. I make stickers at home using my printer and Cricut. 


  3. Be strategic in what face painting options you offer

    This was my first-time face painting, I made a sheet of face painting options, however, I will be revising it to focus on options that focus on the eyes and nothing that includes full face because these took a lot of paint and time. There are some really great options that focus on the eyes. 


  4. Take time to visit other vendors

    Take some time to walk around and visit other vendors. I made some great connections just by introducing myself to some other vendors. I also took the time to exchange some tips with other artists. 


  5. The experience is worth it

    I definitely was nervous about this event being my first vendor event, having only a week to prepare and never had face painted before. But I am so glad I took the time to do it. I learned so much and now I can add face painter to services. Even better I already have more events booked! 


Have you had your first vendor event? What did you learn?

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