Me + Yusuke Mash-up illustration

I’ve been catching up with things I love, one of those is anime. Yuyu Hakusho was introduced to me by my sun’s father ( he’s my sun, not my son) years ago. And in our break up he gave me his series set. SCORE!


I like going back and seeing how I see things through a new lens, and with my new spiritual awareness, I thought it might be interesting to see what new things stand out in the series about the spirit detective. I haven’t finished the series yet. However, where I am the dark tournament has ended. Sayonara Bye Bye is no longer the outro. ( My favorite song in the entire series!) 

I have put together Kurama being an inspiration for Steven Universe...Rose whip? The hair shape around Kurama and Rose Quartz?? Overall gentle yet fierce nature??? Maybe it's just me. 

I also can see so many similarities between Yusuke and myself. From the neglect to the defiance. The internal power but the ignorance in how to use it correctly. The walls around the emotions, learning and growing spiritually. The hard outer shell with the soft inside (Hey Pooh!) I can relate to Yusuke in so many ways, which is probably why I drew Mesuke. 

Either way I hope you enjoy!


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